How To Disable Announce Messages On AirPods

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Want to stop your AirPods from announcing messages? Follow these steps to disable announce messages using Siri and adjusting notification settings.

How to Turn Off Announce Messages on AirPods

Using Siri

If you’re tired of hearing your AirPods announce every message that comes through your phone, you’re in luck! With Siri, turning off Announce Messages is as easy as a few simple voice commands. Just activate Siri by saying “Hey Siri” or pressing the button on your AirPods, then ask her to “Turn off Announce Messages.” Siri will quickly disable this feature, giving you a break from the constant interruptions.

Adjusting Notification Settings

Another way to put an end to the incessant message announcements on your AirPods is by adjusting your notification settings. By going into your iPhone’s settings and selecting “Notifications,” you can customize how notifications are displayed and which ones are allowed to come through to your AirPods. Simply disable the Announce Messages feature under the app notifications section, and you’ll no longer be bombarded with verbal alerts.

Disabling Announcements for Specific Apps

If there are specific apps that you don’t want to hear announcements from on your AirPods, you can easily disable this feature for individual applications. Navigate to the settings for each app on your iPhone, find the notification options, and turn off the Announce Messages setting. This way, you can still receive notifications for important apps while silencing the ones that tend to be more bothersome.

Customizing Announce Messages settings

For a more personalized approach to managing Announce Messages on your AirPods, consider customizing the settings to better suit your preferences. By going into your AirPods settings on your iPhone, you can adjust the volume, frequency, and even the voice that announces your messages. This way, you can tailor the experience to your liking and ensure that you’re only receiving the notifications that matter most to you.

With these simple tips and tricks, you can easily turn off Announce Messages on your AirPods and enjoy a more peaceful listening experience. Whether you prefer to use Siri for quick commands or customize your settings for a more tailored approach, there are plenty of options available to help you take control of your notifications. So say goodbye to the constant interruptions and hello to a more serene listening experience with your AirPods.

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